Friday, August 5, 2011

I'll Be Seeing You

Saying good-bye is something I should be getting better at, and I think I am.

Instead of "Good-bye." I choose, "See you soon."

Yesterday, I took the long way home after my final day of work and did some reflection on things I would truly not be seeing soon, but said my farewells to anyway:

See you soon, Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Market.
See you soon, CoCo tea shop.
See you soon, Fried Chicken Take-Away Open Since 1981 (that I never went to but always enjoyed smelling).
See you soon, 7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life, and OK Mart.
See you soon, Lady Driving the Wrong Way Down The Street On Her Scooter. (Yes, I mean you.)
See you soon,  Security Guards who always commented on whether I returned home alone or not. Always got a better reaction when there were two.
See you soon, Musical Garbage Truck.
See you soon, 100% Humidity. 
See you soon, food. Oh, food. You saved my life. You gave me purpose. I look forward to seeing you in a few hours, but certainly not in the cheap, amazing, Asian way.

There were some more difficult ones:

See you soon, P1 Students. (Now "Small Class," and no longer mine.) You made every day difficult. You made me clench my fists and invent school appropriate new curses, like "You make me feel so silly!"

See you soon, Co-Workers. Actually, we had a proper gathering last weekend - four hours at a KTV singing karaoke and eating buffet.

See you soon, James, because meeting you and flying around the world to see you (twice, you expensive bugger) has always been worth it. Until we meet again.

And to you, readers far and wide (and mostly related to me in one way or another), truly see you soon. In 13 days, I will fly again, and you will have more stories to chuckle over, or cover your children's eyes over.

Until then, good luck on your own adventures.

The view from the top.
My damaged baby.
First cooking days on that tiny counter.

Jumping around dangerous falling rocks.

I miss you already, sketchy street veggies.

Doing what we do best, getting lost.

Birth control.